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"Benchmark Mon"


Build to a 1RM Test





10min Cap

*Bring your grips!

Hello Everyone!

Murph 2023 is officially in the books! We had a long grueling cycle building up to it, but regardless if it was your first Full Murph, or you did Partner-Murph, or wore the weighted vest, you guys all crushed it!

As for what's next, I've noticed that many of your 2023 goals written on the whiteboard include some type of Snatch PR, so we're going to enter into a 9-week cycle with two focuses: Snatch & Handstands! We're also going to bring back Benchmark Mondays each month, starting tomorrow!

Week Overview

Mon/Tue: Snatch / Squat + Metcon

Wed/ Thu: Clean / Jerk / Handstands + Metcon

Fri: Snatch Accessory + Metcon

Sat: IWT

Sun: Bodybuilding + Aerobic Metcon


"Deload Week"

Partner WOD


5x15 Wall Balls (9/6)(Each)

5x15 Russian KBS (24/16) (Each)

5x5 Wall Walks (Each)

5x5 BMU or Jumping BMU (Each)

30min Cap

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