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Hello Everybody!

Great job to everyone who took part in the various competitions the last couple of months! I hope everyone had a good experience and can't wait to watch you guys crush it again next year.

For the next couple of months, we're going to start on a transition cycle! The emphasis will be on having fun, maintaining our base level of fitness, while also exploring and logging certain strength/skill numbers that we will use come the new year. We're also introducing a new element to the Aerobic/Gymnastics days, what I'm terming an À la carte menu, where you get to choose which track you would like to work on for the day.

Overall the goal is to have fun, improve some of the finer skills, and enjoy training through the holiday season. Come the new year, it'll be time to gear up for Open Prep again. :)

Week Overview

Mon/Tue: SBD / Oly + Skills WOD

Wed/Thu: Aerobic / Gymnastics À la carte Menu + Strength Accessory

Fri: SBD / Oly + Higher Intensity Intervals / WOD

Sat: IWT / Partner WOD

Sun: Bodybuilding

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13/04/24 - Sat

BASE "Partner IWT Every 6min x3 10 Power Snatch (70/50) 400m Run *Partner B goes at 3min - Rest 5min - Every 6min x3 10 OHS 100 DUs *Partner B goes at 3min"


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