CrossFit Gym Upper Thomson



Our premier fitness programme, Base is a holistic strength & conditioning class that utilizes functional movements from three modalities - weightlifting, gymnastics and monostructural aerobic / anaerobic conditioning. 

This programme incorporates the full complement of equipment, barbells, dumbbells, rowers, airbikes, pull-up bars, dead-balls etc to increase your work capacity and achieve peak fitness.


Gain is our specialized Weightlifting / Gymnastics programme suited for athletes of all levels. This class covers the basic strength lifts like the Squat, Deadlift & Press, gymnastics skills like the Pull-up and Handstand, along with the more advanced movements like the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, & Muscle-up.


Learn the basics of the movements, or refine your technique with a periodized cycle designed to improve your numbers. This programme complements the Base class and is written for individuals who wish to take their training to a higher level.


Sync is an active recovery and mobility-centred programme that aims to promote blood circulation and tissue repair, reduce body tightness, improve range of motion, reduce risk of injury and optimize performance in the gym. The class is tailored for athletes who wish to improve their mechanics, increase strength in certain positions and ultimately expand their work capacity.

Training gets easier when you’re able to move freely.


Volume is NOT a coach-led class. Instead, it is a programme written for those who wish to compete in the sport of fitness or who are interested in tipping their toes into a competitive setting.


Each session is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come and train together alongside the Amplify coaching team and prepare for any upcoming Functional Fitness / Weightlifting competitions / the CrossFit Open / QuarterFinals.


As the name suggests, the volume of work in this programme is exceptionally high, each session is 1.5-2hrs long, and as such we recommend this programme only to those who have some experience with the movements in the sport of CrossFit.


The only prerequisite to joining the program is this: leave your ego at the door. Our goal is to use our fitness to elevate each other to make everyone stronger together.

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01. Register online and come prepared

Register here, also be sure to know the policies for late cancellation and the booking window!

Get sufficient rest prior to class, and make sure you've eaten and hydrated yourself well.

Everyone loves some company when they're trying something new, so drag a friend or two along to join in the experience!

02. Check In

Be sure to arrive at least 15 mins prior. There is a bag and shoe drop area within Amplify.

Toilets and showers are available. Make your toilet trips before class and ensure you're suited up and ready to go when class commences. Lastly, do highlight to the coaches if you have any injuries, or need specific movement modifications.

03. Attire and Hydration

Wear comfortable workout gear and shoes to move in. Bring water and a towel, we also have water available for sale.

04. Come excited, with an open mind and leave your ego at the door

No matter how experienced you may be, there's always something to learn, so come humble and grow with us!

Be friendly with the crew you're working out with, we're more of a family than just strangers sweating together.

Hand out fist bumps at the end of class, that is a must!