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Hey Everybody,

Congratulations to all who took part in the 2023 Amplify Open, we're so proud of everyone and the effort you put forth each week! Now, as we head into the post-open "Off-season", we're going to start a new cycle building up to the next big event in May: Murph.

This cycle will be split into two 5-week blocks, with a deload week in between. The first block's primary focus will be increasing strict pulling and pushing strength. The second block will then reintroduce and refine kipping skills while continuing to build on the strict strength developed. We're also going to restart our Hatch Squat Cycle (aka 3RM FS/BS work) and of course, while we'll back off the intensity and volume a little, there'll still be plenty of CrossFit, Oly Lifting and Saturday Team WODs for everyone!

Week Overview

Mon/Tue: Squat / Strict Pull or Push + Metcon

Wed/Thu: Oly / Strict Pull or Push + Metcon

Fri: Oly Accessories + FYF Metcon (aka go hard)

Sat: Team WOD / Long Metcon

Sun: Bodybuilding


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