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Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome to 2024! Our focus to start of the year is going to be preparing for the CrossFit Open happening on the first 3 weeks of March. There is one primary goal this cycle: Get fit for the Open.

To achieve that, we're going to be increasing the intensity of the WODs while maintaining our strength gains. Expect the return of the Hatch cycle: 3RM FS/BS, more emphasis on the Metcons and lifting under fatigue, and of course lots of burpees.

Week Overview

Mon: Open style WOD + Strength Accessories

Tue/Wed: 3RM Squat / Oly Lift + Interval style WOD

Thu: Interval style WOD + Oly Lift

Fri: Gymnastics Skill + Long Aerobic WOD (Recovery if needed)

Sat: Partner IWT / WOD

Sun: Bodybuilding


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