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Congrats everyone! Open Season is over, we made it through! We're so proud seeing everyone push through and giving their all every workout.

Now that the Open is over, we're going to take the next cycle to work on different skills as well as increase our aerobic capacity with two upcoming long time-domain events in mind.

The goals this cycle will be threefold:

  1. Increase Off The Floor pulling strength

  2. RMU Drills and Practice

  3. Murph Prep / Hyrox Prep

9 Week Cycle Overview

Mon / Tue: Off The Floor Pulls (Deadlift, Clean Pulls etc) / Squats + Metcon

Wed / Thu: RMU skill work / OIy Lift + Metcon

Fri: Murph Prep

Sat: Partner IWT / WOD

Sun: Functional Bodybuilding

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13/04/24 - Sat

BASE "Partner IWT Every 6min x3 10 Power Snatch (70/50) 400m Run *Partner B goes at 3min - Rest 5min - Every 6min x3 10 OHS 100 DUs *Partner B goes at 3min"


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